Send Your Group to Peru
(Without Leaving Toronto)

Our Meals Are Like Nothing You’ve Ever Tasted Before

Brasa Peruvian Kitchen’s Catering Can Provide Something for Everyone

Whether it’s a small team function or larger group, we have the ability to serve your event with a delicious and unique food experience while delivering a 5-star customer experience.


We have three ways to serve your group. Please let us know which you prefer, or ask us for a recommendation, and we'll be able to accommodate.


We come equipped with all resources and serve your group.


Your team simply selects their preferred meal and we'll serve them in individual packaging.


We'll deliver everything you need to allow your team members to serve themselves.


Our everyday salads and warm bowls with real Peruvian flavours can’t be found anywhere else in Toronto other than at Brasa Peruvian Kitchen.

We are able to serve meat and plant protein diners equally. Please ask us about dietary restrictions and sensitivities.

You will be assigned a Catering Manager who works side-by-side with our Product Manager. This two-person team will ensure that we exceed your expectations with flavourful food that your group will enjoy and a customer experience akin to a 5-star hotel.

For every store we open, we donate $10,000 to Cuso International and urban farming projects in Peru. Ordering catering from us helps us reduce food insecurity in Peru.


“I’ve ordered catering from Brasa Peruvian Kitchen three times. Each and every time, the order is on-time, accurate and delicious. I’m happy that I decided to try something new because the people we feed are always impressed.

I HIGHLY recommend everyone tries Brasa at least once, you won’t be disappointed.“

-Charles D.

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