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Meals You Know. New Flavours You'll Love

Our meals are designed by Peruvian-born chefs, cooked and prepared in-house by friendly team members using scratch cooking techniques, and audited by nutritionists and dieticians we trust.

GF: Gluten Free, DF: Dairy Free, VG: Vegan, VE: Vegetarian

Superfood Bowls

Our chef-designed bowls bring together flavour and a well balanced meal of animal and plant proteins, root vegetables, and grains. We serve recognizable items like mixed greens and roasted chicken while introducing you to new flavours and exports from Peru like rocoto and sweety drop peppers.

Superfood Fresh Salads

Similar to our warm bowls, our salads are designed by skilled chefs. They contain a balance of proteins and vegetables that are delicious and will power your day. We serve recognizable items like quinoa and mushrooms while introducing you to new things like golden beets and toasted Peruvian corn.

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Peruvian-Inspired Snacks