Why Do We Work?

"To build a company that the world needs more of. One where everyday people are empowered to make great money, achieve career happiness, and help close the equality gap."

What Does "Work New. Explore More" Mean?

We will build a new type company, one where the employee comes first and the environment is truly one of a kind. Within this workplace, you'll be encouraged to explore limitless opportunities for yourself, your interests and career dreams.

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No Probationary

When you’re hired, you’re a part of the team from day one. The probationary period was created to be company-friendly, we don’t agree with it so we don’t have it within our company. Your job security starts on your first day.

4 Days/Week,
10- Hour Shifts

We believe three days of rest for our team leads and members will lead to great results for the individual and company. Some team members have even started side hustle businesses of their own. We love that!

We'll Hire Mentors
For You

Every employee will be given access and a budget to join Brasa Masterclass. This internal company website is used by employees to book mentor phone calls with people we know and trust. Want to get rid of your fear of public speaking? Then book a call with Stephan Dyer. Plus, many other mentors.

We’re a newer company but we already have a couple of fantastic team members who you will join.

Here are their success stories:

Tania M.

Tania joined us as a part-time Team Member. In two months, she was promoted to a full-time position and Team Lead role.

Favourite bowl: 'Peru For You' as she likes to customize her salads.

Mariel A.

Mariel joined Brasa as a full-time Team Member. In two months, she was promoted to Operations Coordinator, earning a salary and is an instrumental person in helping us open our second and third stores.

Favourite bowl: Andean Roasted Potato add Spiced Shroomama.

We Are Currently Hiring for These Roles: