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What Does "Work New. Explore More" Mean?

We will build a new type company, one where the employee comes first and the environment is truly one of a kind. Within this workplace, you'll be encouraged to explore limitless opportunities for yourself, your interests and career dreams.

Why You May Enjoy Working With Us

More Income

We believe there are two types of companies; ones that pay the most and ones that pay the least. We will be the former. We also don't ask our guests for tips to subsidize wages. Instead, we work hard, manage our costs well, and that leaves enough income left over to pay more.

More Promotion

We take great pride in promoting from within and helping individuals grow within the company so that they can maximize their earning potential. Keep reading to learn about two individuals who have experienced great growth.

More Transparency

We believe earnings shouldn't be considered a taboo topic within our company. You will be given visibility into what others in the company earn. We believe it's fair and could be motivating.

We're always hiring

Email, introduce yourself, and share your experience and talents.

We're always hiring

Email, introduce yourself, and share your experience and talents.


Please read the career growth stories of team members who joined us, learned a lot, and left to join other industries.


Vancouver joined Brasa Peruvian Kitchen in 2022 and in less than one year was promoted to our Operations Analyst role at our Canadian head office. Today, she works at a consulting firm in downtown Toronto and orders catering from us for her new colleagues.


Janu joined us in August 2022 as a Team Member. She was quickly promoted to Senior Team Member because of her hospitable work ethic and kind demeanour. She expressed her desire to grow a career in food media. She now works at the PR agency in Toronto who helped launched Brasa that specializes in working with restaurants and hospitality brands.


Diana joined us as a Team Member in October 2022 and worked with for eight months. She left to travel to France for a study abroad program (which we highly encouraged). When she returned to Canada, we were able to assist her in finding a finance internship.


Please read the career growth stories of a few of our team members who joined us and elevated their careers within the company.


Nataly has experienced tremendous growth with us. She joined us as a part-time Team Member and within one year, she's been promoted to District Manager and joined our senior management team. Her skills, leadership, and income have all grown since joining us.


Ali joined us in September 2022 as a Team Member. Since then he has been promoted to Senior Team Member which increased his income because he's as friendly (and hardworking) as he appears in his photo. Ali is working toward becoming an electrician. We hope to see Ali in the Graduated section soon.


Daniel joined us in May 2023 as a Team Member. Since then he’s been promoted three times and is now a Senior Team Lead. He is our trusted leader and friendly face at our Bloor St. West location.


Pavleen joined us in October 2022 as a Team Member. She has been one of our great success stories having grown to Senior Team Lead within six short months. We foresee Pavleen being promoted again and again and again.


Vanita joined us in May 2022 as a part-time Team Member. Vanita's natural ability to connect with our guests immediately caught our attention. Today, she works on our Head Office team as our People Operations Coordinator.


Zufisha joined us in June 2022 as a Team Member. While in school, she worked with us part-time. Her strict attention to detail made her a reliable member of our team. Zufisha has earned a couple of promotions. Today, she's is a Team Lead with a bright future ahead of her.

Why do We Work?

"To build a company that the world needs more of. One where everyday people are empowered to make great money, achieve career happiness, and help close the equality gap."

Our Core Values

Team Member Obsessed

Hearing our team say, "Brasa is the best place I've ever worked" is the ultimate goal. If we achieve this, other great things will follow.


We’re deeply committed to continuously designing and building memorable experiences for everyone that interacts with our brand. These experiences impact our customers, employees, suppliers, the media, community, and shareholders.

Performance and Responsibility

We are professionals who measure success by performance. We contribute to our collective efforts and need no reminders of our responsibilities. We're all individually the best at what we do which makes us a high-performing team that wins often.

Infinite Learners and Curiosity

Our pursuit of learning and curiosity has us asking great questions to discover endless possibilities of improving ourselves and the business. We believe curiosity is the root of innovation and building a never-seen-before company.