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Top Hot Springs to visit when you're in Cusco, Peru

Cusco is one of the famous travel spots in Peru for its rejuvenating hot springs found all over the region. Peru boasts many hot springs, and Cusco has the best ones in its area. These beautiful bodies of water provide a healing place to relax, and the scenery and community offer a great vacation side trip for your physical and mental rejuvenation. These are the top four must-visit hot springs in Cusco, Peru.


Many travellers returning from Machu Picchu stop by at Cocalmayo to experience the healing waters of Cocalmayo de Santa Teresa. The place has three different crystalline pools with a view of the mountains and the jungle. Both travelers and locals alike immerse in Cocalmayo and relax. The spring is an excellent stop for travellers since you can camp on the terraces and spend time in the pools from late afternoon until night when day trippers have gone home. There are other lodging places in the village of Santa Teresa, and food is readily available too.

Machu Picchu Baños Termales

The Machu Picchu hot springs are ideally situated at the base of the mountains in the village. These springs are not luxury locations but more of a local village bath where people recover their strength from trekking the mountain. The waters may seem murky, but it's because of the sediments carried by the hot water that brings their healing properties. Even though the Machu Picchu spring is simple, the view is stunning as it is encircled by the lush mountain jungles of Machu Picchu.

Baños Termales de Lares

The Incan baths of Lares is another regenerative set of pools around Cusco. These hot springs have a murky yellow color due to the minerals carried by the water source from underground. The pools provide healing, especially for people with joint and muscle pains, including arthritis, relieving them of the pains of these conditions. These pools have varying temperatures, which you can choose, and in your relaxation, you're surrounded by the scenic Andean hills.

Minas Moqo

The thermal pools of Minas Moqo are one of the nearest springs to Cusco. Just 500 meters from the city of Calca, these pools are known for their healing properties ranging from rheumatic pains and skin problems to metabolic issues. The pools contain sodium chloride, contributing to its healing properties. The pools aren't that hot since it's sourced from the Rio Vilcanota river.

Take note when going to these magnificent springs; Bring your bathing attire and some money for food and possible entrance fees. Since these pools offer rejuvenation and wellness, don't expect luxury treatment in the areas. But instead, immerse yourself in the healing properties of these hot springs and experience one of nature's medicines offered in Cusco.