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How Peru Celebrates New Year's Eve

It's going to be the start of a new year, and people celebrate January 1st in their most beautiful ways worldwide. Have you ever wondered how New Year's Eve is celebrated in other countries? In Peru, the New Year is one of the most festive occasions in the country. Many travelers love to celebrate there and join in the fun. Let's look at Peru's lively way of celebrating every New Year.

Feasts and Parties Everywhere in Peru

In Peru, various regions celebrate New Year's Eve in their unique way in the spirit of the New year. As a traveler, there's many places to choose to celebrate the New Year according to your taste. 

If you enjoy big parties and countdowns on New Year's Eve, Cusco is the perfect place for you; the city streets come alive to party! Before midnight, the streets and bars are filled with people who are ready to have fun. Once midnight strikes the fireworks, great music, and dancing fills the entire city.

Lima's hotels and restaurants offer various packages and buffets to satisfy all your cravings if you're a foodie and want to experience lavish feasts during New Year. As well, you can visit and enjoy a home-cooked feast by meeting locals who would invite you to their home gathering celebrations. Homemade Peruvian feasts on New Year are a different level of food experience. Make sure to not come empty handed and bring some wine or pisco.

Since the New Year falls into Peru’s summer season, people head to the beach on New years to celebrate and enjoy the fantastic weather. People party on the beach all day and night, full of activities, food, and drinks. Places like Paracas, San Bartolo, and Punta Hermosa are alive with festivities.

New Year Customs and Traditions in Peru

Like many countries, New Year's customs are meant to bring luck, success, and happiness for the coming year. To dive into the Peruvian New Year experience, you can follow the customs and traditions exercised by Peruvians. Here are some practices you can expect to see and try in Peru:
  • Filling the room with yellow flowers and decorations and scattering rice around the house brings good luck and prosperity.
  • Wearing new clothes, especially underwear, on New Year's eve brings prosperity. The color of your underwear blesses your desires for the coming year (red for love, yellow for prosperity, white for health, and green for wealth)
  • If you want to travel more or have blessings on your trips, you must run around the block with an empty backpack or suitcase.
There are still more customs to observe and enjoy in Peru. Peruvians are big in wishing each other prosperity and success; therefore, these traditions are certainly encouraged for everyone!

More Celebrations

New Year's is a beautiful time to go to Peru as everyone comes together to celebrate and share wishes for success and growth with everyone. This kind of celebration doesn't only happen once in Peru. The Andean tradition celebrates the New Year on June 21st, and for that reason, there's more to look forward to in Peru. In the meantime, Celebrate the start of this New Year with a heart full of love and a spirit full of adventure!