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Three Reasons Why You Need to Listen to Novalima

Music is part of every thriving culture globally, and Peru boasts one of the most affluent musicians in the world. A particular band coming from this country has beautifully combined the stories and traditions of the past with the cutting edge techniques of the present to make the most beautiful music. They're Novalima.

Novalima is a critically acclaimed band in the mainstream and underground music scenes because of their outstanding performances and experimentation with Afro-Peruvian music. If you need more reasons to listen to their legendary discography, here are three:

Novalima is a Pioneer of Afro-Peruvian Music

The band started a musical genre unique to the experience in Peru. The beats, sounds, and instruments used combine modern and traditional musical instruments. They play various percussions to create beautiful rhythms to the songs harmonized with outstanding vocals.

Aside from the sounds, Afro-Peruvian also convey strong messages and stories. The Latin Grammy winners truly express life in Peru in their lyrics. Their song "Camote" talks about harvesting camote, a sweet potato commonly used as an ingredient in Peruvian dishes. "Madretierra" is a song about taking care of nature and our natural resources. One of their popular albums, Karimba, has a lot of energy in the music and narrates times in life during the Spanish colonization of South America.

Their musical creativity runs deep with heritage and human experience that it sets itself apart from the usual pop music played out massively. Novalima brings in with them the authenticity and originality of the artform.

Their Music is a Mix of Worldly Ideas

Novalima's cultural reach goes hundreds of years, yet their sound is quite cutting edge. They have traditional Afro-Peruvian musicians and futuristic musicians from all over the world—the whole production experiments on molding together ancient Peruvian and modern sounds to create energetic, vibrant music.

If you're a musician or aspiring to be one, listening to and learning Novalima's musical techniques can inspire you to create beautiful melodies. Listening closely to their songs, you can hear different traditional instruments and sounds mixed with Electronica. These are all arranged melodiously into high-energy, soulful pieces.  

They Just Sound so Good, You’d Want to Keep Listening

Novalima is fun to listen to. One of the reasons we love to listen to music is it conveys emotions and energy we want to feel at that moment. Simple as that. Novalima delivers excellent power to their music that reaches out to those listening. Their albums are an ensemble of musical creativity influenced by many forms of music.  

Novalima's music makes you want to dance and enjoy the moment in the most fundamental sense. It's not rare for music to give this feeling to people, but Novalima hits it to the point that you would want to dance and sway your body to the rhythm. All the time. It’s never boring to listen to their music and that's why you want to put it on loop

You'll understand what we mean by searching them and playing them on your Spotify. You'd be swaying to the rhythm and energy of their music for sure.