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Seven Life-Changing Peruvian Superfoods

Peruvian superfoods are gaining light and popularity due to their incredible health benefits. Peru is abundant with so many health resources that you could not go wrong choosing superfoods from Peru to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Here are seven Peruvian superfoods that will change your life for the best.

Sacha Inchi

Sacha Inchi, also known as Inca Peanuts, is a Peruvian superfood gaining popularity for its nutrient-dense seeds. They are rich in protein, polyunsaturated fats, and fiber. It's also rich in antioxidants, minerals, and calories that a small serving of Sacha Inchi is enough to gain its benefits.

Specific health benefits have been linked to Sacha Inchi consumption, such as weight loss and improved sleep quality. The two best benefits of Sacha Inchi's nutrients are improved gut health and lower cholesterol levels. The combination of fibers, healthy oils, and antioxidants promotes these effects, cascading into other improvements to your body.


The Inca's prized fruit, Lucuma, is a highly nutritious food with multiple applications and health benefits. It can be added as part of a meal or a flavoring, but currently, it's widely used in powder form as a natural sweetener. You can add Lucuma to almost any drink or meal you want to prepare.

Unlike most sugars composed of simple carbs, Lucuma is rich in complex carbohydrates. That's why it's sweet yet healthy. The long-chain carbs are digested slowly, thus providing energy throughout the day in healthy amounts. It's also rich in antioxidants and carotenoids that help lower the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.  

Golden Berries

If you're looking for superfruits you can snack on, try out Golden Berries. Also known as Inca Berries, these tiny fruits taste similar to mangoes or pineapples. They can be added to salads, dried, or eaten raw to enjoy them. 

Golden Berries are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that help the body. Vitamin C in these fruits helps boost the immune system, while Vitamin K helps improve bone and cartilage health. Golden Berry extracts have also been studied to help optimize kidney health and heal liver degradation due to various natural compounds.


One of the tastiest Peruvian super grains that pack a lot of proteins and amino acids is Kiwicha, also known as Amaranth. It has a cereal-like texture that you can add to many snacks and meals, making them healthier.

Kiwicha cumulatively has anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to amino acids. It also aids in brain development and optimization by providing vitamins B6 and B9, nutrients needed for brain cell health, in your diet.


Yacon is a Peruvian tuber that tastes like a pear. It is studied to have prebiotic effects, improving gut health and digestion. Yacon has also been observed to reduce cravings and appetite due to enhanced nutrient absorption.

The yacon powder is an excellent substitute for table sugar as it is sweet but with a low glycemic index. It doesn't spike your blood sugar, which reduces the risk of diabetes. It also helps optimize digestive processes by nurturing a good gut biome, absorbing nutrients better, and lowering the craving for less nutrient-dense food.


Cherimoya, or custard apple, is a fruit originating from the elevated Inca regions. This creamy fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 

A good amount of this fruit in your diet helps maintain brain function, digestion, and immunity. Cherimoya is rich in vitamin B6, used for brain development and hormone maintenance. The fruit contains about 5 g of dietary fiber and other soluble fibers that promote better gut health. Finally, like most fruits, Cherimoya contains vitamin C, supporting immunity and preventing common ailments.

Purple Corn

Compared to the common corn variant, the Peruvian purple corn is denser in nutrients, making it a superfood. It's rich in fiber, proteins, and complex carbohydrates. 

The fiber and proteins in purple corn promote better digestion and metabolism. Complex carbohydrates are digested slowly, distributing energy throughout the day without spikes in blood sugar. Another difference from the standard corn is it's rich in anthocyanins, an anti-cancer and anti-viral compound that protects your body from unwanted illnesses.

These Peruvian superfoods are available in many organic and health-centric stores. Add these to your weekly or daily diet, and you'd be increasing the longevity and fullness of your good health.