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Three Home Decor Staples That are Peruvian

The expression of the owner’s aesthetic in the house defines the home’s influence on those who live in it. Many homes use Peruvian home decorations and techniques without knowing it, showing that Peru has made subtle influences on the world on home aesthetics.

Here are three Peruvian home decoration staples that you can use to spruce up your place:

Peruvian Weaving - Brasa Peruvian Kitchen

Peruvian Weaving   

Everyone wants beauty, comfort, and durability in their home upholsteries and textile; Beauty, comfort, and durability. Peruvian weaving and materials have all three locked in. Weaving is not just an art form but a part of Peruvian culture that has created the most beautiful weaves.

There are many weaving techniques, but the ones in Peru are highly comfortable. Peru creates the most intricate embroidered pillows. They add liveliness and color to your living room. Some Peruvian upholsteries are dedicated to art, meticulous in design and fabric but may sacrifice a bit on comfort. 

Peruvian styles in weaving are also perfect for tapestries, giving beauty to an otherwise bare wall. The usual red linings pop so well. This way of decorating homes has been part of Peruvian culture. 

Peruvian Decor - Brasa Peruvian Kitchen

Peruvian Ceramics

Ceramics and Pottery is a global industry that sprung out of different cultures and societies, and Peruvian pottery has one of the most distinct styles and techniques. Stories of ethnic people are painted in ceramics and shaped meticulously with various techniques. Peruvian ceramics produced not just pots and vases as tools but also as art.

This distinct art style of painting and storytelling through ceramics has become beautiful centerpieces and decor styles in many homes. Even if it didn't come from Peru, some ceramic figurine techniques are based on the methods of making the famous Chulucanas ceramics.

This method from Peru uses clay, herbs, and plants to produce colorful ceramics contrasted by black clay exposed to heat.  

The old Incan art style is distinct and perfect for almost any decor theme. That's why Peruvian ceramics and figurines are added pieces in many homes. Peruvian ceramics express figures of animals, people, and stories that will surely suit anyone’s aesthetic taste.

Peruvian Ceramics - Brasa Peruvian Kitchen

Peruvian Gourds

A practice for more than 4000 years in Peru, gourd carving is one of Peru’s signature art forms. Stories of culture, myths, romances, and everyday life are carved into these gourds by artists working with artisans who produce the gourds for carving.

The gourds are available with thousands of designs depicting ancient myths to Bible stories. These gourds can be lovely ornaments that people can hang on their doors and windows. Peru also produces beautiful gourds that are perfect as Christmas decorations.

Peruvian gourds are also used as birdhouses for gardens. Artisans create holes in the gourd to allow birds to build wonderful nests, adding a more diverse ecosystem to gardens.

On any occasion, and even in the standard theme of a comfortable, pleasing home, these three Peruvian decors are beautiful staples to your house. These decors don't take up so much space but create a more expansive, more natural atmosphere. Choose designs that satisfy your eyes and see the change in your home.