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Best Music Genre for Entertaining: Why You Need to Start Listening to Peruvian Criolla Music

Music is part of everyday life no matter where you are. There are many genres of music for every person and situation to set the right mood. When you're looking for a genre that sets the atmosphere for great entertainment, get into Peruvian Criolla Music.

What is Criolla Music

Criolla music, orMúsica Criolla, is a genre of music developed by Peruvians living on the coast using European, Peruvian, and African instruments.Criollo refers to a person with mixed indigenous Peruvian and European heritage. This genre has been around for quite a long time, and you may not notice, but it has influenced western music and entertainment. 

Criolla Music is played with at least two instruments, an acoustic guitar and acajon (box-shaped percussion instrument from Peru). There are many songs made with the rhythms and melodies of Criolla Music. The songs are usually about love, romance, and Peru. Music worldwide has adopted the instruments from the genre to set a particular atmosphere and depth. Many artists deconstruct their music down to a guitar and cajon because these melodies entertain people regardless of musical taste.

Why Criolla Music is Most Enchanting 

Criolla Music is the best for entertaining and setting the mood for a great time. It’s proven and tested. In Peru, Criolla Music Day is celebrated every Oct 31st, full of festivities and dancing to celebrate the wonderful music. The celebration focuses on enjoying the music and singing with friends and family.

Criolla Music is vastly entertaining because it tells many stories with various themes. Ballads sing about love and romance, Pop on young love and adventure, etc. Musical genres, aside from the composition, tend to stick also to a lyrical theme. Criolla music has diverse themes. Its subgenres, like Vals criollo, sing about love and nostalgia. Polca Criolla is fast-paced dance music that talks about celebrating the beauty of life.Festejo, a subgenre that sounds like blues, sings about independence and emancipation. There’s always something to listen to in the genre.

Lastly, Criolla music is the perfect genre for dancing with friends and family. Yes, there is a lot of modern music that we enjoy dancing to in the club, but we’re talking about fantastic, lighthearted dances. This kind of dancing expresses our gratefulness for having a good day and a good life. I love the next new dance music that comes out every time, but Criolla Music personally hits different. It carries the listener towards the relaxing comfort of home, family, and friends.

So give it a go, the next time you want to dance and move your body to beautiful grooves, listen to some Música Criolla, and be enchanted by its beautiful rhythms.