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How Peruvian Textile Art Influenced the Fashion Industry

World fashion is a global industry that has set many lifestyle trends in the modern world. With so many cultures to take inspiration from, Peru's textile art and industry are one of the primary sources of global fashion influence.  

Peruvian textile art has been woven to what it is now from ancient traditions utilizing local resources to create soft, comfortable, practical, and expressive textiles. Through these, the textile art form has subtly influenced the fashion industry globally.

One of the most critical influences by Peru on the industry is the emphasis on comfort in fashion. Gone are the days when clothing looks good but feels too tight and painful. Part of Peruvian Art is the feel of garments. Llama and alpaca wool are woven meticulously to create a textile that looks and feels good, providing warmth and good shape to the wearer.

A great example of this endeavor is KUNA, a Peruvian clothing company that works with international designers to create garments made from Andean fibers. These designers inculcate the feel and versatility of the textile into their design to make fashion more than visual Art. This innovative outlook stems from thousands of years of textile and art applications of Peruvian resources.

The application and experimentation of the weaving techniques in Peru to modern designs create new textures and possibilities for a more sustainable fashion. The use of sustainable materials and natural fibers has quickly entered the fashion scene with Peru's contribution to quality fibers and how vibrant they can be as garments.

Another outstanding contribution of Peruvian Art to the fashion world is its unique harmony of colors with fabric to create wonderful and expressive Art. The application of traditional Peruvian techniques to modern trends has always been very cohesive in creating personal fashion yet captures everyone else's interest. Vibrant colors, design patterns, and visual representations from Peruvian Art are baselines of fabulous style.

Global and Peruvian designers alike take inspiration from these concepts. Peruvian designers like Meche Correa, Mozhdeh Matin, and Chiara Macchiavello, and international designers Vivienne Westwood and Naeem Khan have showcased the influence of Peruvian Art in their designs last 2019 in "Weavers of the Clouds: Textile Arts of Peru" exhibition in London.


Designs rich in heritage and culture branded well with modernity. Peruvian designers have shown the world the versatility of Peruvian Art; the use and harmony of different vibrant colors can offer different levels of stories and reveal a form of expression unique to the individual while showcasing heritage. For example, Chiara Macchiavello's design collections show the elements of traditional Peruvian Art and techniques merged with modern haute couture in Europe. 

International designers have also been inspired by Peruvian Art and culture. For example, Vivienne Westwood has incorporated her modern punk and new wave fashion style with inspirations from Peru. During her 2014 fashion week show, her designs drew inspiration from the Ashaninka tribe in Peru. The garment patterns and adornments in the show represent the tribe's Art collaborated with Westwood's creative talent. Other international designers are also applying Peruvian art styles in their work and it seems that will keep on moving forward in the years to come.   

Peruvian textile art continues to create influence and contribution to the world of fashion. The inspiration handed down by the culture's creativity now affects not just the people of Peru but the world of modern fashion as a whole.