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Five Art Galleries in Lima, Peru You Need to Visit

Peru is a beautiful country full of art and culture. When you're traveling to Lima, the center of art in Peru, Where do you go to experience And learn about Peru's cultural creativity? 

Lima has the best art museums in the country, showcasing artworks from past and present. Here are the top five galleries and museums you need to visit in Lima, Peru:

MAC Lima 

TheMuseum of Contemporary Art of Lima is a must-visit. The museum was built in 2013 by the Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC), an organization of artists, collectors, and researchers since the 1950s. It showcases modern and contemporary art by local and international artists.

The IAC has exhibited its collection since the '50s in the museum through temporary exhibitions and programs. Their collection includes artworks of Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, and Victor Pasmore. Peruvian artists such as Javier Salazar, Claudia Coca, and Miguel Aguirre are also available.

Of course, artworks by contemporary Peruvian artists are in exhibitions too. If you want to learn more about these artists and why they are famous and well-loved in Peru, this is the place to go.


Another museum to visit in Barranco, Lima, isMATE. MATE is a nonprofit establishment that focuses on Peruvian culture and heritage. Through their permanent and temporary exhibitions, it's there that people learn about the novelty of Peruvian culture and its contribution to the world. 

MATE has different exhibitions of various media, such as paintings, photography, and fashion. The museum's highlight is that it holds the most extensive collection of works of the influential photographer Mario Testino. The gallery permanently hosts the artist's work which has greatly influenced the fashion scene.     

The Alta Moda exhibition in Mate showcases Peruvian culture through clothing. The collection shows how Peruvian clothing evolved and influenced modern Peru and the world.

The Lima Art Museum (MALI)

Considered the most important museum in Peru is theLima Art Museum. It houses exhibitions of different Peruvian art from 3000 years ago to the present. The exhibit is in the "Palace of Exhibitions," a building constructed in 1872. You'd like to spend the whole day there as nine rooms house more than 17,000 artworks showcasing a long history of Peruvian art and culture.

MALI showcases different art forms, from pre-colonial pottery and textile to mid-20th century paintings. It also exhibits more than 1000 contemporary artworks from Peruvian and international artists. 

Enlace Contemporary Art

Prompting Peruvian contemporary visual arts,Enlace Contemporary Art exhibits many visual artists from Peru. Enlace showcases an array of contemporary art from famous and growing artists through their dynamic exhibitions. The gallery also serves as a workspace, creating a surreal feeling of world-class art merging into everyday work and living.

The gallery is a great place to know the works of well-known Peruvian artists like Jorge Cabieses, José Luis Carranza, and Gerardo Chávez, among others.

Vertice Art Gallery

Vertice is an art gallery in Lima, Peru, promoting Peruvian contemporary art to local and international markets. The space hosts the most important contemporary art fair in Peru. 

Vertice's curation is constantly growing and evolving with dynamic exhibitions of different artists. The gallery exhibits artworks expressing Peruvian cultural subjects and their connection to the global point of view. It's one of the best galleries to discover Peru's many thought-provoking cultural perspectives.

There are more museums and art galleries to visit in Peru, and these five would undoubtedly be the best to unveil the artistic identity of Peru and Latin America. So during your visit to Lima, add these must-see locations to your itinerary.