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El Día de las Brujas - How Peruvians Adopted Halloween Into Their Culture

Halloween is a well-celebrated holiday in the US where people wear the scariest costumes, children "trick" adults into giving them sweet treats, and adults party in their horror-themed suits. But did you know Peru also celebrates Halloween? El Día de las Brujas (Day of the Witches) is celebrated on October 31st in the country for the whole day. The celebration lasts until the next day, along with other holidays creating this festive vibe for three days in the country. Let's discuss how Halloween is adopted in Peru and why you should experience the festivities.

El Día de las Brujas is celebrated in Peru with historical and modern influences. 

Now, the modern twist is that since it falls together with Halloween, younger generations mostly add the wearing of scary costumes and the exchange of treats to the party! At night, bands are joined by DJs and other artists to celebrate. Imagine your whole neighbourhood full of music and dance, festive Halloween costumes, children enjoying their candies, and every home full of great food and drinks; that's every town in Peru on El Día de las Brujas from morning to night.

Peruvians Celebrate All Saints' Day and The Day of the Dead on November 1st & 2nd.

After El Día de las Brujas, the celebration continues in a more solemn and personal state. Peruvians celebrate on November 1st & 2nd the Catholic holiday of all Saints' Day, and The Day of the Dead. During these times, people commemorate the saints they believe in, guiding and blessing them to live fruitful lives. Short prayers and ceremonies are offered in homage to the saints. After that, people flock to the cemeteries to enjoy their day with their loved ones who passed away. They bring food and drinks to these memorial parks to spend the day, even the night, to honour and keep the memory of their loved ones alive.

In Andean culture, death is a continuation of life, and celebrating with the spirit of their loved ones is a way to connect with them in the afterlife. You'll see great spectacles in local cemeteries, much like a street party, where people enjoy the sights and sounds of lively festivities. You'll also see traditional witchcraft items like Andean herbs and medicines, cursed candies, and other spooky things believed to have dark powers.

The idea of Halloween is so natural in Peru as they've celebrated the spirits of the afterlife for a long time. Plan a trip next time to Peru around October 31st and join the eventful festivities!