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Are You Looking for a Magical Beach Vacation? Four Reasons to Visit Máncora

Do you always look forward to the summer to soak under the sun on pristine shores and warm water? Beach vacations are the best! That is every day in Máncora, the best beach town in Peru. Over thirty resorts and spots to choose from in Máncora, along with the warm waters, sandy beaches, and sunny weather all year.

Here are four main reasons you should go to Máncora for a magical beach vacation.

The Weather is Warm All Year Round

Máncora's average temperature is between 26 - 40 degrees celsius, so it might as well be a summer capital all year. Its winter season, from June to September, may drop to 19 degrees, but it stays sunny and windy during the day. Even in this weather, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery.

Máncora is a Haven of Adventure Sports

Peru is considered a global hotspot for surfing and other water sports, with Máncora as one of the great locations. Surf spots in Máncora range from beginners to advanced surfers. Surfers consider Cabo Blanco to have the perfect tubes in the world. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are also ideal in Máncora, specifically in Lobitos, because of the strong winds.

You can also try going to Eco Fundo La Caprichosa, about 30 minutes from Máncora, and slide through a 1600 canopy cable. You can also Scuba dive if you like to experience watching the diverse creatures in Máncora. Speaking of creatures...

Máncora is Full of Natural Wildlife

For nature lovers, Máncora is a haven for observing and learning endemic flora and fauna in Peru. You can visit birdwatching spots in Máncora and watch the local birds of prey and other brilliantly coloured birds. 

From July to October, you can see migratory humpback whales and other marine mammals on the local whale-watching tours. You can also go snorkeling or scuba diving at El Ñuro, a protected turtle sanctuary, and swim with the lovable creatures. Remember the rule: swim with the turtles, but don't touch them.

Peruvian Food In Máncora is Amazing

Of course, no trip is complete without a gastronomic tour, and Máncora will surely fill your appetite for fresh Peruvian cuisine. It would be best to try their traditional ceviche (fish in lime juice) and secos (meat dishes). 

If you're asking where to eat, tour the town and try out the local restaurants you see. When you're there, make friends with the friendly people of Máncora and learn about the best restaurants to eat. Like a lot of things related to travel, it's the locals who know best.

In Máncora, you'll have a one-of-a-kind summer experience on any day of the year. When you do, share it with your friends and with us. See you in Máncora!