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Student Debt

Ashare helps employers’ partner with their employees to tackle their student debt. We enable employers to make direct contributions to their employees’ student loans.

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Stephen Dyer


Public Speaking

Stephan is a banking executive turned comedian and public speaking coach. Book a coaching session with Stephan to become a confident speaker, refine your presentation skills, and conquer the fear of public speaking. 

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Cody Royle



Cody coaches head coaches in elite sports. He is the author of two influential leadership books; Where Others Won't, and The Tough Stuff. Book a coaching session with Cody to learn how to manage and lead a team using the best practices leveraged by high-performance sports coaches.

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Rhys Green



Rhys is a management consultant who worked with leaders within small and medium-sized businesses across dozens of industries. Book a coaching session with Rhys to increase your productivity and grow your career.

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Emma Ford


Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner

Emma is a certified holistic nutritionist CNP, NNCP & gut health practitioner. Book a call with Emma to be mentored on how to solve your health and wellness needs for things like digestive concerns, food sensitivities, chronic fatigue and more.

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Chef Guillermo


Culinary Expert and Hospitality Entrepreneur

Chef has a unique ability to cook a meal that will bring you to your knees and understand operations, finances, and entrepreneurship. Book a call with Chef to receive mentorship on how to combine your passion for cooking and entrepreneurship.

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Kelsey Rose


Sweat with Kelsey

Kelsey is a fitness and lifestyle coach (CPT) inspiring others to live a healthy active lifestyle. Sign up for Sweat with Kelesy to access 10+ workouts on-demand, a weekly schedule to follow + a community to join!

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Cole Gronwall


Strength and Conditioning Coach

Cole comes from an athletic sports background, his specialization in strength and conditioning originates from off-season rugby and football training. Book an in-person workout with Cole to increase your strength and body composition.

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