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Brasa Masterclass

Developed for the continuous learning and development of our team.
Grow Your Dream Career with Balbina Knight

In this Brasa MasterClass episode, we speak to Balbina Knight to listen to how she grew her career from working in restaurants to performance marketing and leadership.

Essential Leadership Lessons with Cody Royle

In this Brasa MasterClass video, we welcome bestselling author, Cody Royle, to share his leadership lessons with our team members. These lessons can be used in the workplace and in our personal lives.

Strength, Movement, and Health with Kyle Ardill

In this Brasa Masterclass, we welcome our friend, Kyle Ardill. During this conversation, Kyle shares his strength and conditioning tips with our Brasa team members. Regardless of whether you've ever lifted a weight in your life or not, this a a must watch episode.

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking with Stephan Dyer

In this Brasa MasterClass video, award-winning keynote speaker and comedian, Stephan Dyer, shares tips to help Brasa team members become more confident public speakers.

Building a Career and Managing Everything Else in Your Life with Whitney Burns
Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness with Mark Metry
How to Give Feedback in the Workplace

In this short video, the most effective ways we've found to share feedback with a colleague.