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Top 4 Peruvian Desserts to Start the Year Bright!

Let's start the year with beautiful, sweet, and luscious food. With its ever-growing culinary fame, Peru has produced some of the world's most delicious desserts. These sweet treats aren't just for after-dinner delights but are also a significant part of Peruvian snacks and celebrations. The creativity and taste in these goodies are varied. There is something for your sweet tooth, from baked goods to tasty jellies. To start the new year bright and full, here are the top four Peruvian desserts you must indulge in this year.

Picarones (fried sweet potato doughnuts)

Picarones are made from sweet potato, flour, and sugar. They are fried and covered with a thick layer of brown sugar. These fried doughnuts are a popular dessert in Peru, but they can also be found outside the country.

Picarones are sold all over Peru in many restaurants, bakeries and street vendors. You have the luxury of having this dessert available every day in Peru.

Mazamorra Morada (Purple Corn Pudding)

Mazamorra Morada is a traditional Peruvian dessert that can be made with purple corn and sweetened with honey. It is traditionally served during Christmas and New Year's, but you may find it in any large family meal throughout the year.

This tasty purple pudding is unique in Peru, with different variations available. It is usually consistent with jelly and can be added to the top with fruit or cinnamon powder.

Arroz con Leche (Rice pudding)

Arroz con Leche is a typical dessert in Peru and can be made with either coconut milk or milk. It's usually served with vanilla ice cream but also accompanies other desserts such as dulce de leche (sweetened condensed milk).

Arroz con Leche is rice with milk and is commonly sold by food carts in Peru. The recipe's simplicity of preparation makes it delicious, which opens up creative and healthy possibilities by adding fruits or nuts.

Suspiro a la Limeña (Suspiro de limeña, a meringue-based dessert)

Suspiro a la limeña is a meringue-based dessert similar to a soufflé. It's made with egg whites, sugar, and other ingredients such as lemon juice and lime juice.

This traditional dessert in Lima, which translates to "sigh of the lady from Lima", was created in the 19th century and continues to be one of the best creations in Lima. The dessert has a dulce de leche base topped with port meringue dusted with cinnamon. Suspiro is best served cold in small bowls or glasses.

The top four desserts on this list can be a great start to your new year, opening up to new sweet possibilities and culture. These desserts are so delicious that they can bring great positivity to your new year and the coming months. 

Let's have a slice of your favourite Peruvian dessert, and share with us your planned adventures!