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Three Ingredients That Are The Pillars of Traditional Peruvian Cuisine

Every country has its food foundation for its traditional cuisine. As a culinary haven, Peru has its traditional cuisine founded on a few of the best ingredients in the world. These three pillars of traditional Peruvian cuisine are so versatile that it’s not just part of Peru’s culture but also many parts of the world.




Potatoes are a staple on almost every Peruvian table and are cooked as main dishes or sides. Peru has a wide variety of potatoes locally. The types we enjoy worldwide originally came from the Andes. Peru has potatoes almost in every meal and celebration. From the simple and casual roasted potato to the more advanced papa rellena. As a side, it’s pretty famous as part of Huancaina, a favourite Peruvian salad. In Peru, a simple boiled potato is already a treat since certain varieties have a distinct sweetness that no additional ingredients are necessary. The versatility of this crop, together with Peru’s culinary diversity, has set hundreds of delicious dishes available to people of different lifestyles.




Another crop initially from Peru, corn is one of the best and most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. Peru has mastered the use of its 55 varieties of corn in creating beautiful dishes. A few of these unique Peruvian corn dishes are pastel de choclo, a corn pudding filled with beef, olives, and eggs. Another dish is the iconic chicha Morada, a popular unfermented beverage based on Peru’s purple corn, Maiz Morado. It’s not just the cooking that made corn a great pillar of Peruvian cuisine, but also the farmers. Their sophisticated approach to producing new varieties of corn to thrive in Peru’s geographic conditions made it all possible for us to enjoy these different varieties.



Aji Peppers

Peruvian cuisine would not be complete without spice. In Peru, adding spiciness to food is standard and a way to liven up the dish. In the Andean mountain area, the spicy chilis also help warm the body during cold weather. The aji pepper is a pillar of Peruvian cuisine. This pepper variety is expected in the Andean region but almost unknown in other parts of the world until recently. Aji peppers are added to almost any dish people wish to add spice to. It has a strong level of spiciness with a distinct tang to it. Its explosiveness makes it perfect for making condiments and sauces, usually with onions and garlic.

We know these three ingredients are excellent foundations because Peru has shared them with the world, and we have made them part of our culinary foundations. Experience Peru’s mastery of creating beautiful food using these ingredients at your nearest Peruvian restaurant, or better yet, visit Peru and experience the local dishes there yourself.