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The Taste and Culture of Peruvian Coffee Beans

Coffee comes in different forms and flavors, but have you tried a brew made from Peruvian coffee beans? With so many choices of single-origin beans that you can buy in coffee shops and restaurants, coffee beans from Peru are a must-try for coffee lovers and enthusiasts.

Peru coffee beans feature an aromatic, flavorful coffee with a hint of natural acidity. Bright and vibrant in flavor, Peruvian coffee beans are perfect as hot morning brews to start the day. The taste notes and body are distinct per region that you can experience the flavors in every cup. People can enjoy this great-tasting South American blend in different ways.  

Reflective of its culture and love for coffee, Peru is the top producer of organically grown coffee beans and is Fairtrade coffee-approved. This, in itself, shows both the quality of Peruvian coffee beans shared throughout the world and the value of coffee in Peruvian culture. This is one of the reasons why Peruvian coffee beans are getting great recognition worldwide. They are cultivated by people who experience coffee as part of their national identity.

Peru celebrates coffee every day in different ways, including Día del Café Peruano. You can immerse in the beauty of their celebration your way through our Peruvian coffee beans. Whether you're in it for the caffeine or a lover of specialty coffee, even if you prepare coffee iced or hot, with a bit of milk or black, you will absolutely enjoy the kind of coffee our Peruvian coffee beans can share with you.

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Peruvian Coffee Beans In Grinder - Brasa Peruvian Kitchen

What to Expect From Our Peruvian Coffee?

Here at Brasa Peruvian Kitchen, we share authentic Peru coffee beans that showcase Peruvian ingredients' culture and flavor. Fairtrade and organically produced, our Peruvian coffee beans of Castilla and Catimor varieties have a mild acidity, balanced body, and vibrant aromas. The taste notes on our Peruvian beans feature a fruity likeness with pralines and green grapes.

The particular flavor combination can be enjoyed in a hot cup on its own or along with your favorite food or dessert. We recommend trying it out with Andean roasted potatoes to immerse your palette in the harmony of different Peruvian flavors.

The unique combination of brightness and tones in Peruvian coffee is something you'd be looking for. This roast is a must-try to enthusiasts of great coffee, and don't be surprised that you'd want to add this to your regular stock of coffee beans at home. Based on the Hale taste scale, our Peruvian roast is on the scale of eight. It has the taste worthy of being titled hipsterish due to its distinct flavor. Yet, at the same time, Peruvian coffee is in the range of the commonly loved South American flavor profile enjoyed by most coffee drinkers.     

Our coffee beans are grown and cultivated high up on the rich soil and climate of the Andes, so it deserves a roast that'll bring out its full flavor. The bean roasters at Hale Coffee meticulously roast our beans to ideally release their notes and aroma, resulting in incredibly unique tasting Peruvian coffee. Same as our philosophy to bring together communities, Hale Coffee's quality techniques in roasting coffee beans aim to serve the distinct flavor of our regional origins to everyone's cup.

You can experience flavorful coffee from Peru using your choice of the coffee maker. To get the best from the roasts, use an AeroPress on freshly ground beans. This simple and efficient method is ideal for brewing out the distinct flavors of Peruvian coffee beans without breaking a sweat. After all, coffee is a lot more delicious when prepared perfectly and hassle-free.  

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Lonya Grande, El Rejo

Where Do Our Peruvian Beans Come From, and How is it Made?

Coffee reflects the geography and community of its origin; the elevation, climate, soil quality, and the years of shared farming methods employed by farmers affect coffee from farm to cup. Collaborating with a business that nurtures these qualities is essential to us. That is why we choose Fairtrade coffee beans from Peru to ensure the coffee beans we enjoy are ethically produced with a high-quality standard.

Our Peruvian coffee beans come from Lonya Grande, El Rejo, grown at elevations of 1600 meters onMirador, a Fairtrade and organic coffee farm owned by Ysauro Tocto Chugden. The 1.5-hectare farm principally cultivates the Bourbon, Castillo, and Catimor coffee bean varieties, and his farm is known for innovation in new types and farming processes of coffee.

Ysauro is an innovative specialty producer, farmer, and member of theAsociacion de Productores Cafetaleros Juan Marco El Palto (JUMARP), also known as "El Palto" cooperative located in the Amazonian Andes of Northern Peru called "Selva Alta" (high forest). The association of farmers and coffee growers ensures high-quality, organically grown coffee is produced for the customer while taking good care of communities and strengthening livelihood.

COOP JUMARP is based in Selva Alta regions, unique for its dense, high elevation, and humid rainforest ecosystems ideal for growing high-quality coffee. The thirty-five small farmers, including Ysauro and the other 189 members of COOP JUMARP, grow their coffee under the canopy of the Amazon rain forest.

As producers of organic and Fairtrade certified coffee, the organization is represented by forty women from the organizational families, along with their mission to meet the demand for quality specialty coffee and increase income for the members and their families.

The unique geography of Selva Alta and its farmers' dedication to cultivating innovative and community-driven coffee farms factor in the high-quality taste and specialty grade of our Peruvian coffee beans.

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Coffee in Peru

Sharing Culture and Contributing Impact Through Coffee

Aside from the exquisite taste, Peruvian coffee beans share a part of Peruvian culture, and that sharing contributes a positive impact to wonderful, boundless communities and cultural, people-centered livelihood. You are assured that if it's our coffee beans from Peru, it's high quality and Fairtrade certified.

You experience an excellent piece of Peru's culture on your table when you pour some Peruvian coffee into your cup. The aroma and the flavors are meant to give you a great start to your day. The specialty-grade beans prepared by coffee-loving farmers and roasters are shared with you in every cup of Peruvian coffee.

As with a lot of Peruvian ingredients and food, this is lovely shared. You can whip up a couple brews with guests and enjoy it with a tasty meal. After all, part of the Peruvian culinary experience is developing closer relationships with family, friends, and even strangers.    

So try out a batch of Peruvian coffee beans, taste the warmth of the brew and discover how you would like to share this unique flavor your way.


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