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How to Cut a Mango and What This Has to Do With Peru

If you’ve ever bought mangoes at your grocery store, you’ve likely had a Peruvian mango. This is because Peru is the fourth largest exporter of mangoes in the world. In 2021, the country exported over 200,000 tonnes of fresh mangoes. 

What’s not to love about the seeded fruit. It has become beloved in many households because of its sweet and creamy flavour. It’s used in a variety of desserts, sauces and mains or it can be enjoyed alone. 

The main challenge about eating a mango is cutting it so the fleshy part doesn’t go to waste. 

In this post, we’re going to show you how to effectively cut a mango so its best parts don’t go to waste.

Step 1 


Cutting Mango With Knife - Brasa Peruvian Kitchen


Cut away from the pit of the mango. The end goal is to get as much of the flesh away from the pit as possible. 


Cut away from the pit of the mango - Brasa Peruvian Kitchen


Step 2 


Slice the fleshy pieces into cubes - Brasa Peruvian Kitchen


Slice the fleshy pieces into cubes, without cutting the skin. This is important for step 3. 

Step 3 


Scooping the Cubes Out of the Mango- Brasa Peruvian Kitchen


Using a spoon, scoop the cubes out of the mango, getting as close to the skin as possible. 

Step 4 


Cutting Mango Around The Pit - Brasa Peruvian Kitchen


You can cut around the pit to get extra mango as well so it doesn’t go to waste!