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Five Reasons Why Peru is one of the Top Gastronomy Countries in the World

Peru has always been the top spot for culinary travel globally. The gastronomic country is "South America's leading culinary destination, " home to thousands of unique and delicious recipes and ingredients. Peru is the perfect location if you're looking for a country to satisfy your inner foodie. Here are five main reasons the country is the best in gastronomic experiences.

Delicious Food is Available Everywhere

Delicious food is part of everyday life in Peru. From Michelin-Star chefs to humble familiar market vendors, food is served in the best and most creative ways. What makes Peru so beautiful in terms of gastronomic culture is that fantastic food is accessible to everyone; all the fresh ingredients, whether traditional or modern, can easily be acquired by people to use in their cooking. As a result, the food is always delicious wherever you go in Peru.

Modern Peruvian Food has Global Influences

Great gastronomic cultures deeply influence Peruvian gastronomy. First, the Andean civilizations, for thousands of years, developed various varieties of crops, including corn and potatoes. The arrival of Spanish influences reinforced the Andean way of cooking by sharing techniques and recipes. And when Peru gained its independence, an influx of French and Italian chefs migrated to Peru to establish themselves in the cooking world. In the '80s, Japanese chefs followed suit. 

All these historical events have led to what Peru's food culture is now, a beautiful hot pot of culinary expertise cradled in a country full of natural ingredients.

Thousands of Ingredients are Available in Peru's Geography

Peru's location on the globe is unique and peculiar logistically. To the east, it has access to almost all the natural resources of South America, and to the west, the massive marine ecology of the Pacific Ocean. Peru can combine different flavour profiles, like mixing seafood with mountain crops. Both western and eastern ingredients meet perfectly well in the country simply because they can. 

Peruvian Recipes are Based on the Freshest Ingredients

Peruvian dishes can be so diverse, with so many ingredients to choose from, but there's one common aspect: freshness. No matter how simple, every Peruvian dish values its components' freshness. Even drinks like chicha Morada use the best variety of purple corn. One of the trademarks of Peruvian food culture is that the ingredients used have to be fresh.

Good Food is Always Part of Any Occasion

Every family in Peru creates a variation of famous recipes made for different occasions—that level of commitment to good food results in a community filled with delicious gastronomy. In Peru, every celebration always includes preparing feast-worthy food. This is how their gastronomic culture thrives and grows throughout thousands of years of highs and lows in their history.

Do you want to experience a great start to your gastronomic travels to Peru? Find a Peruvian restaurant in your area and experience the flavours yourself.